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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 20, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning on this monday, august 20th. taking a live look outside right now at washington, d.c. you see the national cathedral in the distance there. nice and humid start to your day. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> gwen tolbart is here, in for tucker barnes. >> good morning to you. >> yes, it is a change for the vacationing tucker barnes. we had much-need rainfall
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yesterday because we've had a deficit across the area. i know the rain might not have been too great to have on the weekend but for many, it was "welcome sight. 7 # degrees at reagan national airport yesterday. 76 at dulles and 76 at bwi thurgood marshall. temperature anywhere from about eight to nine degrees below the seasonal average. it is 69 at reagan. 66 at bwi. some of our neighborhood temperatures, in annapolis, it is 72 degrees. the same at quantico. 63 at fredericksburg. expect to see clouds and more showers in the forecast today. i'll keep you updated on what to expect and we'll have a look at the five-day forecast a little later. back to you. it is the first day of school for students in prince
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george's county and alvin crowley take over as the new superintendent september 4th. this is the first year for the new grown belt middle school in greenbelt as well. d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect accused of brutally attacking a husband and father over the weekend. thomas maslin was found unconscious saturday morning in front of a house on north carolina market near eastern market. police are not sure where he was actually attacked. so far, maslin has undergone two surgeries on his skull. the 29-year-old is in a coma listed in critical but stable condition. the director of top gun dies after jumping off a bridge in los angeles in an apparent suicide. tony scott also directed other hollywood blockbusters. divers used sonar to find the 68-year-old's body after he jumped and his car was park on the bridge. a suicide note was later
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discovered in his office. the republican campaign is distancing itself from comments from todd akins. he said that a woman's body can prevent conception in the case of a rape. wildfires are forcing hundreds ever people to pack up and leave their homes out west. -- hundreds of people to pack up and leave their homes out west. we have a report. >> reporter: in washington state, the taylor bridge fire has burned across more than 23,000 acres of land east of seattle. >> it is like a death in the family.
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this was our home to a lot of friends and it's gone. anyway, that is how we felt today. >> reporter: in northern california, rapidly spreading flames there have forced thousands to evacuate their homes. at least 19 square miles have been scorched. four homes have been destroyed and thousands more are being threatened. >> i was on the road and there were flames on both sides of the road and i looked up and it was black and i couldn't believe. you turn around overwhere, it is on wall sides of you. >> reporter: crews are no better in utah. in idaho, more than 1,000 firefighters are working to protect hundreds of homes in the featherville area as the trinity ridge fire grows in size. even in hawaii, the 1,000 acre wildfire on kauai has prompted evacuations. >> most of it is very steep terrain. we can't put hand crews to. we have to let it run up to a
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defensible space like a roadway. that is what we're doing so we're attacking it with helicopters. >> reporter: nearly 43,000 wildfires have been reported this season across the nation burning more than six million acres of land n new york, craig boswell, fox news. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good monday morning to you. august20th, first day of the week and also, school is back in so students are going to be up and about roaming around shortly. so we'll get some information out about that. we'll have some stories about that later on this morning. we want to start by saying good morning to you and thanks for watching. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> the little ones will be out there milling about. keep an extra eye out. we have the kid starting back to school. also, it is not too bad of a day to start back to school other than the fact that we've
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had some rain and that kind of thing. what can we expect? >> showers on and off throughout the day. yesterday, we had it for a while and stopped. same kind of situation. let's take a look at yesterday's numbers. we were actually below the seasonal average. the clouds and wet weather brought our temperatures down some eight to nine degree below the seasonal average. 76 at bwi and at dulles, 76 degrees yesterday. we are starting off with 69 degrees at national and sarah nailed it when she said the humidity is definitely back intact. 90% right now with a northwesterly flow at five miles per hour. it will feel a little uncomfortable and sticky outside. we currently have 72 degrees at annapolis. we have 66 at manassas. 63degrees at winchester. here is a look at satellite- radar composite. still a little bit going on to the north and south of us in the form of some disturbances. that will set us up for lots of
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clouds today. we'll have some showers. we are looking at showers off and on throughout the day. a high of about 78 degrees. winds will be light from the northeast and i wouldn't be surprised if even tonight we get a little rumble of thunder but as i said earlier, we need the rain right now, folks. let's welcome it for the time being. like i said, not a total washout. >> thank you. time to say hello to julie wright. you got your school clothes on. first day of school. >> first day of school, apple for the teacher, i needed what help i could get. >> box of apples. >> keep your eyes peeled for the little one. 355 at cedar, overnight construction now cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
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as we just mentioned, some of our top stories, it is the first day of school for students in prince george's county. alvin crowley takes over as the new superintendent september 4th. it is the first year for the greenbelt middle school in greenbelt. drivers are being warned that school speed zones will be activated today so be careful. also new this morning, prince george's county police are investigating a police- involved shooting t happened late last night on barnaby lane on oxon hill. officers say the suspect became combative forcing them to use a taser. man pulled out the prongs and told the officers that he was going to kill. the suspect is suffering from noon life threatening injuries. a capitol hill husband and father is still in a coma this morning after being brutally beaten over the weekend. 29-year-old thomas maslin was
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found in front of a home on north carolina avenue. this is near eastern market early saturday morning. a resident there says they heard someone screaming for help around 3:30 in the morning. maslin was found on the neighbor's porch just a few hours later. >> he was just like any other young dad on a friday night who gets to get ay from the kids and wife and go and have a drink with their friends. inhis birthday is coming up and he just celebrated his wedding anniversary. in this neighborhood, we walk home all the time. we kind of try to look out for each other. he was only a few blocks from his house. >> mass lip has undergone two surgical procedures on his skull to ease swelling in the brain. he remains in critical condition but is stabilized. police are still trying to figure out where and why maslin was attacked. turning to the presidential race, president barack obama meets with the vice president for lunch. the white house is rejecting
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calls for an apology from joe biden for his you all back in chains comment last week. republican mitt romney is appearing with his running mate, congressman paul ryan in new hampshire. this morning, they are answering questions from seniors about medicare at a town hall event. and questions about romney's taxes just won't go away. the subject came up on the sunday morning talk shows with maryland governor martin o'malley tall calling him a tax dodger and virginia governor bob mcdonnell defending him. nd now, republicans also say the democrats are using romney's taxes to distract from issues like medicare. one congressman's remarks
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about pregnancy and abortion sparks a little bit of controversy. >> we'll hear what he says that has a lot of people talking this morning and has the congressman doing some backtracking. 
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new this morning in hollywood, police say movie director tony scott died after jumping off of a bridge in los angeles county and it was likely a suicide. scott directed such hits as top gun, true romance and enemy of the state. police pulled his body from the water last night and found his car parked on the brim. a missouri congressman is on damage control after making some controversial remarks about rape and abortion. during a tv interview yesterday, congressman todd akin was asked if abortion should be legal identify pregnancy that is the raiflt rape. he responded that a woman's
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body can prevent pregnancy in the case of legitimate rape. >> if it is a ledge its mat rape, the female body has ways to shut that thing down. >> the congressman said he misspoke about the issue. senator clair mccaskill issued her own statement saying it is beyond comprehension that someone can be so ignorant about the emotional and physical trauma brought on by rape. she called the comments offensive. a new report claims iran is getting a lot of help from its neighbor iraq to get around u.s. sanctions that were imposed because of iran's nuclear program. president obama reportedly complained to the prime minister when iraq was letting iran to fly supplies into syria. new reports indicate in the iraqi government are profiting directly from trade with iran. its a silver spring couple woke up sunday morning to find out their car was gone.
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it was stole innocent middle of the night by who known and the whole thing was caught on camera. >> my car, i my two wallets in my car and it contains credit cards. it contains most important documents. >> police say the crime was preventible and you should never leave your valuables in your car. if you recognize the suspect in this video, you are being asked to call montgomery county police. an emotional journey on ground zero. coming up next, the annual 9-11 memorial ride as bikers pay their respects. >> plenty of clouds as we start off this morning. some of you may be seeing some patchy fog. will the sun return? i'll have a full look at yourfest when we return after the break.
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we take a live look over the city this morning. a huge you had startto your day. temperatures for once though don't feel too bad. it always feels like, when the temperatures go down, somehow, something else happens. we end up with humidity though. >> humidity. you know what i call humidity, right? >> what's that? >> the unwanted houseguest. >> there are some people who
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like that hot, sticky stuff. >> like who? >> i know people. >> j. w. are the initials. >> yesterday's temperatures were eight to nine degrees below the seasonal average. plenty of rainfall yesterday. not a total washout. but today the same sort of story. be prepared if you are heading out. grab the umbrella as we have showers in the forecast today. temperatures will be not too far off the seasonal mark in the nurse of the next knew days. we do have the humidity sticking around. as we move into the later part of the week, it will get quieter. -- temperatures will be not too far off the seasonal mark in the course of the next few days. humidity is up there, 90%. northwesterly winds at five miles per hour. the winds will continue to be light into the course of today
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as well. here is a look at temperatures elsewhere. we have 72 at quantico. 66 at culpeper and manassas. 63 at hagerstown. 64 at frederick. we've got 66 degrees at baltimore and 72 at annapolis. we are dealing with a couple of things. we have an upper level trough and a surface trough. it will be pesky as we head through the next day or so. creating a lot of cloud coverage and a lot of shower activity. a little bit to the north and to the south. a combination of those two is going to set us up during the course of the day to end up seeing some clouds. the upper level trough wayling short wave associated with it could also end up kicking in some instability. so by tonight, we have a chance of seeing an isolated rumble of thunder or two. you want to keep the umbrella handy and with the young ones going out to school, the little
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yellow rain hoods will help. 80degrees for a daytime high. tonight, 66 degrees, mostly cloudy. showers and an isolated storm is possible. i think today's high will be about 78, a little lower than that. chance of some storms on tuesday. 84degrees on wednesday with another chance of storms. and then as that system moves off the coast wednesday, thursday and friday, we are set up as a ridge of high pressure builds in. that will bring us back to drier conditions and a lot more of that sunshine which i know julie wright absolutely loves, right? >> absolutely. nothing wrong with sunshine. on the roads, 355 here at cedar lane, they are cleaning up all the construction. as you travel southbound from the capital beltway headed out to what was our scene overnight, you will find lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway leaving college park and continuing around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. prince george's county
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police are trying to piece together a deadly motorcycle accident in upper marlboro. it happened early sunday morning along brown station road and fenway lane. police say 26-year-old juan pena of silver spring died after he was struck by a vehicle. the annual 9-11 memorial ride has completed its journey to ground zero. the event started on thursday in shanksville, pennsylvania where par pis taints honored those who died on united airlines flight 93. from there, riders paid their respects at the pentagon memorial and then on to the world trade center site. >> reporter: for some 11 years, riders from the america's 9-11 foundation have been able to come to ground zero but this is the first year that riders are going to the memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania and here at the world trade center. new york marks the final leg of the ride. the group has now traveled through six states and washington, d.c. they started in somerset, pen been and
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traveled to the flight 93 crash site in shanksville. then it was onto the pentagon and then new york. we talk wade man who has been on every ride. he gets emotional when he talks about going through small towns and seeing average americans lining streets with signs in their hands and tears in their eyes. a tower two survivor is honoring his son-in-law's best friend, joe hunter, a firefighter who saved his life while trying to save others. >> i experienced highs and lows. there are times i get up there and i just start crying. i'm 66 years old and i guess what i stop crying, you can put me in the ground. it is still an emotional impact. people carry that within their heart every day. >> reporter: for our years of coverage and support, america's 9-11 foundation presented me with a flag on behalf of fox news. it has been flown over all three crash sites. today, the motorcycle ride has
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raised some $180,000 for children of active first responders across the country. one of the hot button issues in the race for the white house, medicare. >> both sides claiming they have the better plan. up next, we'll hear from both sides of the argument including a warning from virginia governor bob mcdonnell. >> just a few weeks of summer fun time left. fox 5 is teaming up with busch gardens in williamsburg. >> we are giving away tickets to bache gardens. you can go to to win. you must be a legal resident of d.c., maryland or virginia. you can see the complete rules on we'll be right back.  wow,
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both the obama and romney camps are hitting hard to make
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their case to save medicare. fox's craig boswell has the weekend highlights from the stump. >> this medicare argument, it will be fascinating to see how it plays out. >> reporter: the issue of medicare has taken center teenage in the presidential race. >> my plan saves money in medicare by cracking down on fraud and waste and insurance company subsidies. their plan makes seniors pay more so they can give another tax cut to millionaires and billionaires. >> what mitt romney is talking about is making sure we keep the medicare program intact for people who are in or near retirement and preventing this raid that president obama has put on the program to pay for obamacare. >> reporter: both democratic and republican lawmakers are also weighing in on the issue, some saying the gop ticket is better suited to solve the issue of medicare while others are suggesting it is the wrong way to go. >> i think the democrats are being reckless. barack obama is doing nothing to save social security and medicare and what the
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romney/ryan team is doing is running on leadership to get serious and save those programs. >> started the effort to privatize medicare with his voucher system under his budge eight approach. that might work for a senior who is healthy and wealthy but if you are not, you will face a $500 a month increase in made care premiums. >> reporter: despite what side you may be on, bob mcdonnell says something must be done. >> medicaid is in trouble. made care is going to go broke in 12 years and it takes some real changes in the spending habits of the united states of america to get our country back on track. >> reporter: with less than 80 days before the elect, these issues are sure to stay in the minds of voters as they prepare to hit the polls. >> the debate rages on. let's talk about sports. robert griffin iii learning on the job. up next, the qb talks about the
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rough battle against the bears. >> zimmerman, laroche against jeremy hefner. there it goes. see you later. >> that wasn't the only big hit. we have sports breakfast coming up.
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in sports, the nats wrapped up their series with the mets after a long rain delay. danny espinoza got the nats on the board. then it was the bryce harper show. he shocked in a runway triple in the third and two innings later, he knocked a towering home run. nats win this one 5-3. gonzalez picks up says 16th victory. the orioles in detroit to face the tigers. detroit jumped out with five runs in the first inning powered by a three-run homer by johnny peralta. but the os would battle back,
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scoring four in the next sinning. they added three in the fourth. the bird would win 7-5. they kick off a series with texas tonight. the second pre-season game provided a whole new set of challenges for robert griffin iii. he did show his athleticism at times but he and the first team offense only generated five first downs and six series. the rookie admits there are things he must learn. >> when pat pushed me down, i should have gotten rid of the ball a little earlier but those are things that you figure out through the course of a game and through the course of a season. ments not that i've never been in those he go situations before, sometimes you got to know when to not try to make a play. >> here is a look at what is ahead for the redskins. next saturday is the pre-season home opener against the colts
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and andrew luck. kickoff is at 4:00 p.m. on september 9th, it all begins for real. season opener against the saints in new orleans. young athletes overcoming incredible challenges to accomplish the impossible. >> those are the stories the olympics give us every two years and certainly the story of an american archer born without arms competing in the paralympics in london. >> steve browns hat incredible story. >> reporter: archer matt studsman is getting ready for london. >> i believe if i shoot what i know i'm capable of shooting, definitely a medal professor pretty amazing considering he was born without arms. he routinely hits the target dvd-sized center circumstance frl over 70 yards away. -- circle from over 70 yards away. >> you get more chances of
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shooting animals as far as providing food for your family. >> reporter: so he taught himself how to handle a bow and arrow. >> i was like this is so cool and just kind of got right into it. i decided i wanted to be the best archer in the world. >> reporter: he is already very good. just missing a world record during this year's qualifying for the paralympic games. when he goes to london, he will be up against archers a lot like his teammates with disabilities both obvious and less apparent, all of them world class. >> so it becomes a mental game, who can stay in the here and now, who can stay in the moment the best, who can stay focused on the target the best. >> the likely first in the men's open compound bow competition. he is way ahead of his schedule. >> my goal is 2016 to make rio. i think i'm fortunate that


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